CC4C, Cheyanna’s Champions 4 Children, builds support teams for the community of families and children with rare or undiagnosed conditions.

Thank you to all of the families who allowed us to help with their rare or undiagnosed child. We have exhausted all statewide medical financial grants.

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Apply now for your child to be a CC4C Champion Child for 2020-21.

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Each Champion child is placed with his/her high school “Dream Team” and is dedicated an honorary teammate for the school year enabling the feeling of inspiration, confidence and community.

Each CC4C Family has funding available to them through CC4C’s Financial Assistance Program. This program helps cover medical expenses insurances deny.

Each CC4C Family has the opportunity to participate in our new Mental Health and Wellness Program. The Mental Health and Wellness program was created in efforts to support the CC4C children and their entire family.

CC4C holds inspirational and uplifting events to raise awareness and funds for our families while building courage, confidence and strength in our CC4C children.

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