Our Inspiration

Imagine that your child is ill, and there are no answers.  They become listless, their joy fading, their ability to run and play gone, and pain is their constant companion.  Now imagine this goes on for 1…2…3 years. That is the story of Cheyanna and countless other children with rare and undiagnosed conditions. To learn about Cheyanna’s story, see Our History

What We Do

At CC4C we form support teams around children suffering from rare or undiagnosed conditions.  We match them with athletes and teams who dedicate their season to bringing joy and inspiration to the child.  We form a support network for the families, and raise funds to help pay for medical cost not covered by insurance. For find our more about what we do, see “Our Mission.”

How You Can Help

There are dozens of ways to inspire and support these children through your talents, your time, or your treasure.  To get involved as an athlete, a high school team, an ambassador, a sponsor, or a volunteer, see “Get Involved.