Champion High School Team Program

The Champion High School Teams dedicate their season to their matched Champion Child.

The Champion Child becomes an honorary member of the Champion High School Team and attend practices, games and events with the Champion High School Team.

The Champion High School Team also participate in supporting the Champion Child throughout the year.

CC4C’s Project Valentine and at the Run to Uplift are amongst the Champion High School Team favorites. At the Run to Uplift, they surround the race course to cheer their Champion Child to the finish line with his/her Champion Teammate. In turn, the Champion High School Teams learn compassion and a reason beyond themselves to compete. See our current Champion High School Teams here.

The Financial Assistance Program

The Financial Assistance Program offers financial assistance for medical expenses related to the child’s rare and undiagnosed condition that insurances deny.

Requests are to be submitted with receipts and approval is required by CC4C for financial assistance to be provided.

CC4C has provided financial assistance for needs in the areas of medicines, therapies, medical equipment, travel for medical appointments outside of the city, doctor appointments and much more.

In the 2016-17 season, CC4C introduced statewide medical financial grants for rare or undiagnosed children not enrolled in CC4C’s program to help increase our reach and the number of children being helped throughout Texas.

This assistance is meant to ease the financial burden of the families’ ever mounting bills associated with the endeavor of finding a diagnosis and eventually, a cure.

Mental Health & Wellness program

The Mental Health and Wellness Program was created in efforts to support the CC4C children and their entire family. In that spirit, each program was designed to help develop the strength and resilience needed to give unconditional love to each other as well as learning tools to decipher what they are feeling and why.

The Mental Health and Wellness offers 4 areas of assistance; the Self Compassion Class,  Groups & Workshops, Tribe, and Sibling Sunday. 

  1. The Self Compassion Class includes understanding the meaning and implementation of self compassion in daily life. This program offers practical skills that can be used to work with difficult emotions and find a more peaceful, loving way to exist in the world.
  2. Groups & Workshops (Tools 4 Teens “T4T” & Hope & Vision Workshop “HVW”):

    T4T are small groups for teens to learn science based tools to increase well being and navigate their emotions. It can include up to 10 sessions of Flourishing Skills which include: positive introductions, signature strengths, amplify gratitude, mindfulness and savoring, increasing positivity in relationships, visualization, reframing mind chatter, habit change, cultivating forgiveness and cultivating intuition (inner wisdom). The HVW is a hands-on, interactive workshop to identify core values, build hope, connect with one’s “Why” and create a foundation to support one’s purpose. It includes positive psychology tools on how to identify core values, increase mindfulness and help with visualization to support one’s goals.

  3. Tribe is a monthly group gathering for all CC4C moms to connect, share resources, have fun while exploring well being tools. 
  4. Sibling Sunday is a regular group gathering designed to focus on the sibling of the CC4C child to experience fun, refreshment and tools to address their specific challenges.