A Letter from Erika (Mother of Mia)

A Letter from Erika (Mother of Mia)

Dear Meghan and Board Members,

Words simply can’t express how grateful and blessed Chris, Mia, Ana Lucia and I feel to be a part of the Champions-4-Children family!  These past few months have been incredibly opportune: meeting all the families involved, befriending our amazing athletes, receiving delicious dinners that last for DAYS, and becoming part of something extraordinary that has impacted us in ways we could have only imagined.

Last Monday, I was making copies in our workroom at my office when a colleague asked me if heard what happened at the Boston Marathon.  As soon as I saw her face, I knew it was something terrible and in that moment my heart sank to my feet and I could feel my legs want to buckle.  It was the feeling that you get when you hear that someone you love may be hurt or injured.  Running back to my desk to call Chris, I started to pray and every ounce of positive energy I had was instantaneously sent to our Champions in Boston.

Later that night, Chris said he felt exactly the same way when he heard the news.  Once we heard from you and Desiree and JB, we took a huge sigh of relief and began to internalize the enormous tragedy as it unfolded.  Talking it over, we both realized that fear wasn’t the dominant emotion in our hearts that day.  It was love.  We had a real and unique connection to 10 people that we had only met twice in our entire lives, and we loved them as we love family.  That doesn’t happen accidentally.  This bond was meant to be.

I wanted to share this with you because we have been deeply touched by all the support and love this organization has shown us.  I’ve asked myself why we were so fortunate; why did God choose us?  In the end, I know that He works through people.  He works through givers and receivers.  He knows that touching someone’s heart will lead them to shine His light and pay His love forward.  That is exactly what He has done in us.

We will always, always support Cheyanna’s Champions-4-Children so that other children, families, athletes, and communities can experience the love that we have.  Praise the Lord our Champions are all safe!  May they continue to ignite inspiration in children as Desiree and JB have done for Mia.  And, may you and all the other Board Members continue to build a network…..no, a family rather of people who share angels and will watch good rise from darkness just like the sun……every day.

All our love,

Chris, Erika, Mia & Ana Lucia