Name: Joshua
Champion Athlete: Tara Williams
Champion High School Team: Cedar Park Football

After almost 3 years of testing, an MRI showed lesions and growth plates on Joshua’s knee. He was 5 years old. He was diagnosed with Chronic and Reoccurring Multi Osteomyelitis and Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. His condition is so rare that there are only 300 people in the United States who have the same condition.

His health issues started at age 2 1⁄2, when he began collapsing frequently. As with many rare diseases, the doctors originally misdiagnosed Joshua, blaming the falls on his growth. In reality, Joshua has a one in a million bone marrow disease which causes tumors and lesions in the bones. It is very painful, and at times he can’t walk. He gets high fevers and is sick. He currently goes to a research hospital in Maryland to receive new research medicine. He takes mild chemo pills weekly and receives IV infusions every 8 weeks which is a 5 hours treatment. However, doctors just determined the treatment isn’t effective. His family is desperately searching for new treatment options to relieve his pain.

Cedar Park Football team is Josh’s honorary team and riding with them to Abilene was a very special event.