High School Team

High School Team

A CC4C Team competes to bring joy and inspiration to a child suffering from a rare or undiagnosed condition.  Becoming a CC4C Team will change your team and your season, giving your team a reason to compete beyond themselves. Please send all inquiries about the high school team program at CC4C to (info@cc4c.org).

Each CC4C team is hand selected by the child and the Executive Committee.  The requirements are:

  • The child is your fan.  We ask them if they could be part of any team which would they choose.  They have to name your team.
  • You have a structure that facilitates communication with both the child’s family and CC4C.  Typically that involves a booster club or parent willing to take on the role of liaison with our organization
  • You have the heart of a champion.  What makes this program so inspiring is the bond that is built between the child and the athletes. 


  • Child is paired with the High School Team for the 2014-15 season
  • They are introduced to the teams at the beginning of the season.
  • They are given team paraphernalia so they can feel part of a team in a way they never had a chance.
  • They are invited to a minimum of three team gatherings. (ie- practices, award banquets, pre-game dinners, pep rallies etc.)
  • Each team and/or Booster Club members attend the September  Mini-Marathon event and create a station for your championed child.

Ideas for the rest of the season:

  • Provide child with a special seat at home games so they can go watch the team when health allows.
  • Have them be part of a team photo
  • Invite them to team family gatherings, picnics, team breakfast, etc
  • Invite them to intramural scrimmages
  • Have them participate in Homecoming parades, pep rallies, etc
  • Let them be part of the coin toss
  • Announcements of their attendance when possible/practical
  • When possible the coaches, team and supporters wear the children’s wrist bands and motto
  • Encourage your athletes/boosters to attend the various celebrations for the child