Applications are currently being accepted. If you are interested in your Child being a Champion Child for 2018/19, please complete the following 4 forms:

  1. Child Enrollment >>
  2. Waiver & Release >>
  3. Child HIPPA Consent Form >>
  4. T-Shirt Order & High School Preference Form >>

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Can you make a two-year commitment to the program, including attendance at a minimum of 4 events throughout the year?

Ongoing condition – rare, acute, or hard to diagnose medical condition which has been either pre-existing for a significant period of time, or recently discovered and expected to continue for an indefinite period.

Receptive to social support – The child’s family and personality are such that they would be encouraged by media, Champion Teammate bonding, attention at events, etc. They should also be willing to share their CC4C story with any support group/systems in which they are included.
Willingness to share their story, including descriptions of their medical conditions, pictures of their child in frail conditions, ongoing updates, involvement in support groups for other families in the Championship Family.

Responsive to our outreach – Interactive: timely return of phone calls and information requests as needed, openness to stating their wishes around the child’s encouragement and their family’s needs.

Socially Responsible – Willing to represent the CC4C organization with honor and integrity.