Name: Caleb
Champion Athlete: Talaya Frazier
Champion High School Team: Round Rock Basketball

After presenting with deep bruises along his legs in kindergarten, Caleb was diagnosed with Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). Currently there is no cure for this platelet disorder.

His body destroys his platelets resulting in the inability to clot. Traumatic injury could result in severe hemorrhage. Most children have acute ITP that resolves spontaneously. Unfortunately Caleb has acquired the chronic form of this disorder. He has reported every month for the past six years for labs and infusions at Dell’s Specialty for Children Hospital.

While Caleb is not allowed to participate in activities that may cause head trauma like football, baseball, or gymnastics, he was able to train and run the Champions4Children Micro-Marathon on September 22nd with his champion, Talaya Frazier. This basketball season you’ll find him on the sidelines with his new teammates, the Round Rock Dragons.