Our Mission

Support the community of families and children with rare or undiagnosed conditions.

Our Vision

Any child, anywhere, without answers to their illness will have a community to turn to for resources and support to heal.


We build support teams around families who have children ages 5-18 years old with rare and undiagnosed medical conditions.

  • Each child is placed on a high school “Dream Team.” The team dedicates their season to bringing joy and inspiration to the child. The team makes their child an honorary teammate for the school year, providing unique opportunities for the child to feel a part of a team. In turn, the program inspires the student-athletes to be role models to younger children, and to live and train with care and concern for others.
  • Each CC4C family has funding available to them through CC4C’s Financial Assistance Program. This program helps cover medical expenses insurances deny. Expenses include homeopathic, eastern and western medical treatments/thrapies as well as travel to specialists that may not otherwise ocur without the financial assistance from CC4C.
  • Each CC4C Family has the opportunity to participate in our new Mental Health and Wellness Program. The Mental Health and Wellness program was created in efforts to support the CC4C children and their entire family.
  • We host inspirational events for families to create lifetime memories and unforgettable family bonding. We organize campaigns, and fundraisers to provide families a community of support through our CC4C programs, to bring awareness to the needs of this population.


Talaya Frazier founded CC4C after her own personal experience with her daughter, Cheyanna. She turned to running marathons as a respite from the feeling of powerlessness brought on by wondering and waiting for her daughter’s diagnosis and a cure.

While training to run the Boston Marathon, Frazier was inspired to dedicate her race to a young child named Skylar whose doctors said may not live and may never walk again. Frazier told her, “You train to walk, and I will train to run and when I come home, I will give you my medal.”

Frazier was encouraged to recruit other celebrities to inspire struggling children who are at risk for losing hope, and to support families who are feeling isolated.