A Letter from Todd & Sara (Parents of Carter)

A Letter from Todd & Sara (Parents of Carter)

Dear Talaya, CC4C Board Members and Volunteers,

Raising a child with a rare disorder heightens our awareness and we become more sensitive to the world around us.  We ponder God’s motive behind “our” selection.  We wonder why “our” child had to be “the one.”  We guard and protect beyond traditional measures.  We hope that others aren’t passing judgment when we aren’t looking.  We wonder if God’s Grace might show a more profound impact – or if we are simply not thankful enough for what He has already given.

Nine years ago, doctors told us to put Carter in a “home” and move on with our lives – that we wouldn’t want the “burden” of raising a child with so many challenges.  These doctors didn’t know the phenomenal plan that God had for Carter here on earth.  They overlooked that a debilitating disorder like this could break down barriers beyond wheelchairs, special education, and disruptive behavior.  They overlooked that his condition could bring out the ABSOLUTE best in people of all ages!

Champions for Children has been an AMAZING blessing for Carter and our entire family.  The love and support from the ENTIRE CC4C TEAM has far exceeded our imagination!!!  When Laci ran the Boston Marathon in Carter’s honor – we immediately had another “family” to call our own.

Our memory roll is long: The Boston Marathon, the dinners, the celebrations, the awards, the mini marathon – all these events alone would have been an amazing blessing.  However, the ‘vision’ to have Carter become an “Honorary Member” of the Lake Travis High School Football Team has created an impact beyond our dreams.

We expected Carter to think it was really cool to be a part of something so special.  What a gift – that a football team such as Lake Travis would be willing to ‘invest’ in his life.   We expected a “high five” here and there – but the other side of the coin has a much brighter shine.  We didn’t expect such a high-profile program to offer such a warm embrace.  We expected the team to have an impact on Carter – but we didn’t expect that Carter would have such an impact on the team.

Through a lengthy football season – deep into the playoffs – Carter has LITERALLY become a member of this football team.  These young men dedicated their season to Carter.  They pray for Carter. They wear his bracelet and write special dedications in his honor.  They invite him to EVERYTHING!  They had a special jersey made for him – with the number 7 – which is reserved exclusively for players they believe will become world class athletes.  He really is a teammate to this incredible team.  Friendships have been forged that will last for decades.

These relationships would not exist if it weren’t for this AMAZING organization.  Carter has found new hope and inspiration, and we will forever be thankful!  After ten years amongst the rare disease community – we have a deep admiration for the vision and leadership of CC4C.  We will always be ambassadors and advocates of this awesome organization!

Todd & Sara Wagner

Austin, Texas