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Amy Conde is the Chief Financial Officer at Crossway Electric, Inc., which she runs with her husband Marcelo.  They have a 19 year old daughter Emma, who attends SMU in Dallas, and 16 year old twin boys, Nicholas and Dylan who are Juniors at Hyde Park Baptist School here in Austin.  Amy’s background is in Electrical Engineering and the Defense Contract industry, prior to joining her husband in the construction industry.

Amy’s passion for helping children with rare and undiagnosed disorders comes from her own journey down the same path struggling with diagnosing the type of autoimmune disease she has, and this has only fueled her desire to help others in their fight to get answers and the right medical care.  Amy is also involved in many other causes both locally and internationally, particularly causes focused on health, wellness, foster children, and orphans.

The reason Amy is so passionate about CC4C’s mission is that she wants to teach her children as well as others to give back, because they have been so incredibly blessed both with good health and good fortune.   It is important to give financially according to each person’s means and by give of their time and talent. Amy and Marcelo have raised their children with the mantra of knowing that they are so incredibly fortunate, but that they are no better than those born into any situation, whether it be poverty, illness, war, or other circumstances. They are simply lucky.  They hope to set an example for others by their actions and teach their children to do the same by getting involved.  Everyone in the Conde family has been involved in CC4C in one way or another – it has truly been a family experience!   “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” – Ronald Reagan


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