CHAMPION HIGH SCHOOL TEAM: Hays High School Football

Ty’s started showing signs of health problems a little more than seven years ago. Over the course of time, he has been given 20 different diagnoses with no treatment or explanation.

He has been diagnosed with primary hyperoxaluria, a disease that causes repeated kidney stones, enteric hyperoxluria, celiac disease, failure-to-thrive, anorexia, gastroparesis, gastrointestinal motility disorder, asthma, REM sleep behavior disorder, a weekened immune system, gastroesphogeal reflux disease, executive function disorder, secondary ADHD, significant short-term memory impairment, adjustment disorder with anxiety and fibromyalgia.

He is on several medications, infusions and a gluten-free, low oxalate, low sodium and high potassium diet. Pierce has a MIC-KEY Button feeding tube to help him get stronger and feel better.

Ty is home-schooled, but this fall he will spend his Friday nights cheering on his new honorary teammates, the Hays High School football team.

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