Meet 7-year-old Joseph. Because of CC4C’s $3,500 contribution, Joseph was able to be a part of a small group of kids who received a new drug out of Europe to treat some of his Prader-Willi syndrome symptoms. His mom says, “The medicine is extremely expensive and we were so thankful to CC4C for covering the cost. It has been a huge blessing, Joseph is having better sleep cycles, he does not have his daytime sleepiness anymore, he is processing things quicker and is able to keep up in school. He is able to keep up with his peers, which is such a miracle in itself. His anxiety has gone way down and he seems to be able to metabolize carbs better. This is a huge benefit since Prader-Willi children develop many health issues related to metabolizing food.” Even though the drug is still in clinical trial and it is early on in the process of Joseph taking the drug, we are all very hopeful for his future!


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