AGE: 7

MOTTO: “I’m Not Afraid”

CHAMPION TEAMMATE: Holly Mills-Gardner “Miss Texas”, Model, Spokesperson

CHAMPION HIGH SCHOOL TEAM: Lake Travis High School Basketball

Jacob is one of the kindest children you could ever meet. He always wants to do what is right. He refuses to lie, and he was born with a sense of honor that most adults do not have. His Kindergarten teacher recognized this and cared deeply about his welfare.

He did very well the first few months of school, but sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving he started becoming clumsier, having daily headaches, forgetting things, crying, sleeping some days 15-18 hours at a time (sometimes sleeping over 24 hours), falling asleep in the middle of a sentence and having migraines, nausea, stomach aches, bloody discharge from his eyes, very dark black circles around his eyes for days at a time, weight loss (food would taste funny for days at a time), incontinence, inability to find words, seizure like trances followed by post seizure-like behaviors, confusion and emotional outbursts on a regular basis (outburst are very uncharacteristic of Jake).

Over the last year, Jacob went through an endless battery of tests that did not yield a definitive diagnosis. An initial MRI of Jacobs brain identified an abnormality, but it is still unclear if it is a tumor, a rare disorder called abnormal brain migration or something altogether different. Jacob paid many visits to Dell Children’s Medical Center for an EEG, a gastric emptying test, a sleep test, an upper GI, a Lyme disease test and a second brain MRI. At the end of June, he will go back to Dell for another brain MRI, a spinal MRI, a spinal tap and a seizure study. Jacob will take a trip to Boston Children’s Hospital for further neurological tests, a second opinion and more treatment options.

Jacob still believes he can do anything. I don’t want him to lose his hopeful spirit, but it can’t last much longer under the assaults on his health and learning. He dreams of being a famous basketball player.

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