AGE: 15

MOTTO: “Come On, Get Happy”

CHAMPION TEAMMATE: Shannon Sarnella: World Record Powerlifter

CHAMPION HIGH SCHOOL TEAM: Cedar Park High School Celebrities Dance Team

Evelyn’s health issues became apparent over the first few years of life. Initially her issues were mild, but they continued to develop as she grew. Chronic ear and respiratory infections, along with hearing, speech and motor delays defined Evelyn’s life.

By age three, she had increasing difficulties with her gastrointestinal, respiratory and immune systems. She was diagnosed with IgG immunoglobulin deficiency (immune deficiency), gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD), recurrent pneumonia, obesity/eating disorder and behavioral issues.

In 2005, Evelyn and her family relocated to Austin from New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. Evelyn’s new medical team added epilepsy, autism, ADHD, eating and sleeping disorders, hypothyroid, adrenal insufficiency, auditory processing disorder, sensory processing disorder and asthma to her list of diagnoses. Evelyn has been under the care of five different geneticists in the hope of finding an explanation and diagnosis.

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