AGE: 9

MOTTO: “Never Give Up”

CHAMPION TEAMMATE: Talaya Frazier: 10X Boston Marathoner, Model, Spokesperson

CHAMPION HIGH SCHOOL TEAM: Lake Travis High School Cavalettes

Eva was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis when she was five years old. This particular type of arthritis is a joint problem that often occurs in conjunction with psoriasis.

For three years, she bravely battled through this diagnosis. When she was eight years old, she began experiencing pain in her right eye. She had partial vision loss in both eyes—20/200—which was irreversible and uncorrectable with eyeglasses. She is now legally blind with 20/1,000 vision in both eyes and has extreme sensitivity to light. Most recently, Eva has started experiencing hearing and breathing issues. She has seen several specialists including three different types of ophthalmologists. She is currently under the care of a neurologist and a Lyme disease specialist. So far, no courses of treatment have helped.

Eva’s favorite quote is “Never give up,” and her hobbies include singing, playing the guitar, dancing, and gymnastics. The Lake Travis Cavalettes are excited to welcome her into their family as an honorary Cavelette this year.

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