CHAMPION HIGH SCHOOL TEAM: Anderson High School Drill Team

After a vision appointment concluded that Dia’s optic nerve was dull, she had an MRI. Doctors discovered that Dia had a brain tumor, and she underwent brain surgery. Following the surgery, she went blind and the doctors concluded that there was no way to remove the tumor.

Dia underwent several surgeries over the next four months and doctors felt hopeful that her vision would return. The brain tumor is still active, and she has not been able to regain her vision.

Her official diagnosis, craniopharyngioma, a type of brain tumor derived from the pituitary gland, is rare amongst young children. Dia’s next step is to undergo radiation to remove the tumor, but doctors are prolonging this treatment in hopes that she will start to regain her vision first. She commutes to the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas for treatment.

When she’s not commuting to the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas for treatment or in school, she’ll be with her brand new teammates on the Anderson High School Drill Team.

Dia’s favorite quote is “Without sight, there is still vision.”

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