CHAMPION TEAMMATE: Michelle McCool Calaway

CHAMPION HIGH SCHOOL TEAM: Georgetown High School Lacrosse

Caroline was born with Job syndrome, and at age three, officially diagnosed.

Job syndrome is a rare, inherited disease that is known to trigger problems with the skin, sinuses, lungs, bones, and teeth. It causes the skin to become covered in rash-like boils from head to toe.

For the first three years of her life, Caroline visited Texas Children’s Hospital, Mayo Clinic and an Immune Deficiency Foundation Conference hoping to obtain insight into immune disorders. She has had multiple pneumonias, surgeries and hospitalizations.

Caroline’s favorite quote is “No fear.” At school, she plays the violin, and she loves to cook and bake when she’s at home.

This year, she is a proud, new honorary member of the Georgetown High School Girls Lacrosse team… Eagle Fight Never Dies!

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