Meet Jeremy

By June 12, 2018CC4C Stories

“Our only support system we really had was ourselves. There wasn’t an organization that we could go to and receive support. It was mainly my wife and I just going online and looking up information as it came back from the doctors.”

Jeremy Hobbs was born with a rare disorder, originally diagnosed as craniosynostosis. This disorder causes the skull plates to fuse together, preventing the skull from allowing proper brain growth during development. This caused severe pain throughout Jeremy’s entire body, as this inhibited his body’s ability to grow and develop properly. Jeremy had cranial surgery at 13 months to relieve the growing pressure on his skull. This improved his vision, but did not correct his bone or muscle development. Since then, Jeremy has had over 40 surgeries trying to relieve the constant headaches, soreness, and pain that comes from his condition. Without a proper, confident diagnosis, Jeremy and his family were forced to adopt a trial-and-error approach to his treatments, some more successful than others, but all coming at a great financial cost.”

“I’ve really enjoyed the way CC4C is organized. It pairs each child up with a champion and with a high school sports team. They take the interests of the kid and provide a community for the kid. We got paired up with the Regents football team and Jeremy was there every day.” Jeremy was matched with the Regents School of Austin football team and Jeni Raymond, a Boston marathoner. Jeremy has been inspired by Mrs. Raymond to focus on strengthening his muscles in order to walk independently, a goal that for a long time seemed impossibly far off. Jeremy enjoyed spending time at Regents football practices, sitting on the sidelines and even being included in some plays. He grew especially close with Regents kicker Tyler Robert. Jeremy would spend most games with Tyler on the sidelines, and would even sometimes practice his kicking. Since being a Regents teammate, Jeremy has said that when he grows up he wants to be a football kicker, just like Tyler.

“This was a good opportunity for a bunch of high school kids to be a hero for a young man who might have needed a hero at the time.” During his time as a CC4C Champion Child, Jeremy was able to undergo various new treatments with the support of CC4C. He began therapeutic horse riding treatment, something his family could not provide for him on top of his previous medical expenses. Since beginning this treatment, Jeremy has been able to surpass many milestones that previously seemed unreachable. Jeremy as developed his own form of communication with his mom, Angie, that allows him to write out his words and talk to other people through her. He has been spending more time on his feet, using leg braces to support his legs and help from his parents to begin to walk.

This past May, Jeremy walked over 600 steps on his own, a feat that just one year ago would have been impossible. Jeremy said himself that his motivation for accomplishing this was his champion Jeni, and his football buddy Tyler. Without the support of CC4C, Jeremy and the Hobbs family would not have had this new support system and platform to begin to improve Jeremy’s condition. Jeremy is now communicating and moving more than ever, always with a smile on his face. His team motto, “believe in yourself”, encompasses Jeremy’s own approach to every day, as his own personal motivation has allowed him to achieve and experience things both him and his parents could never imagine. To donate to CC4C and help children and families like Jeremy and the Hobbs, click ‘donate’ in the top right corner.